Things to do in Prague in Autumn 2019

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Prague has something to offer in every season, but if there is a period that really reveals the city in all its beauty, it is definitely autumn. It is the time when Prague’s numerous parks turn into a lush palette of yellow, orange and red, making the city look like an impressionist painting. Autumn rain…

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Prague Signal Festival 2019 – How to Enjoy it Like a Local

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Autumn is the best time to visit Prague: the temperature is just perfect and the city is much less crowded. But what makes autumn in Prague even more special is the Prague Signal Festival, the city’s largest and most spectacular cultural event of the year that will take place 10- 13 October this year. The…

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Prague From Above: A Rooftop Guide

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People say that Prague is an open-air museum; if you slow down and look up, the labyrinth of narrow streets teleports you back in time. From the towering Gothic churches and colourful Baroque facades, to the intricate and playful Art Nouveau and Cubist style buildings, Prague’s history is literally written on its walls.  So; getting…

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