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Virtual Walking Tour: Stories from Prague's Charles Bridge

Enjoy the best views of Prague from this 650 years old bridge and learn what role it played in Czech history.

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Price per Screen

Take a walk with our guide through the lovely Kampa Island underneath the Charles Bridge, which offers splendid view of the river and the Old Town opposite. Get ready for a virtual ride!

We’ll stroll around the one and only John Lennon Wall and we’ll share stories with you what it was like here during the communist times and what the French Embassy nearby has to do with this place!

You’ll marvel at the ancient Romanesque church of Our Lady beneath the Chain (and explain where it got its weird name) and you’ll get a chance to admire the majestic St. Nicholas Church with its Baroque Bell Tower.

Passing through the Lesser Town gate of the Charles Bridge, we’ll leave this neighbourhood behind and start making our way towards the Old Town. We’ll marvel at the breathtaking panorama views from both sides of the bridge and you can guess which famous Hollywood actor had this bridge all for himself in 1990s while shooting a movie here.

We’ll finish our live virtual tour on the other side of the bridge with yet another amazing view, this time with the Bridge actually in it! (Time for some printscreen pictures!)

When we say our goodbyes, you’ll be totally equipped for your real-life experience in Prague whenever it may be.

One booking is for one household—there’s no need to pay for more people who are in the room.

This is a live-streamed tour, where your guide will be walking around Prague while you’ll be enjoying a hot/cold beverage of your choice in the comfort of your home.

Please note: each guide in our group has a different experience from the communist times, so every virtual tour is a bit different.

We’ll send you a ZOOM link after you book your virtual tour.