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We are happy to donate 1 Euro for every client who purchases one (or more) of our tours to support the fight against food waste.

We at Prague Urban Adventures are foodies who love tasting various dishes which combine different ingredients and products. Yet we are aware there is a complex process that brings food on plates in front of us. Researches show that about one third of the worldwide food production is wasted – thrown away or devaluated. We believe this can be changed, even if you start small. That is why we support a local NGO, Zachraň Jídlo (Save Food). 

They are a small enthusiastic team who have decided to reduce food waste in the Czech Republic. Since 2013, they have arranged several happenings and awareness campaigns and above all they started the national „Gleaning Project“ – collecting wonky vegetables in the fields. They successfully raise awareness about food waste. It was thanks to their effort that you can now find wonky vegetables in every Czech supermarket – something quite unthinkable only a few years ago.

Help us help them by purchasing our tours. We contribute 1 EUR for every customer who joins us.

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